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The story is yours as much as it is mine and the truth belongs to no one and everyone. This platform was born out of the need to connect with the human spirit. If only we knew who we really are, we would fall to our knees in awe and wonderment. But no one seems to know or know of it. The nameless few claim to know it. Some say it has been lost while others say it is all around us. The truth is, no one really knows, and if no mind knows, then no mind can deny it’s existence, for no mind can deny what it does not know. It is the polarisation of human consciousness that led to the emergence of the great divide and the disappearance of the line between reality and illusion. What will save us? The echo of the sense of familiarity of what was. The ever evolving human spirit is now at the cusp of a nameless awakening. The illusory walls created over the millennia are beginning to fall. So, breathe, surrender, and enjoy the ride.

– Watu Awai






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